Product range consists of Andesite, Basalt, Diabase, Travertine, Granite, Marble, Culture Stones, Natural Stone Mosaic products with mesh, Bricks, Stone Wallpapers, Landscape Stones, Pebbles, Traverse and Telephone Poles, Panel Products, Podimas, Medallions, Patterned Tile Mosaics, Ceramic Products, Handmade Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Ceramics, Ceramic Reliefs, Concrete Products, Wash Concrete, Paving Stones, Handcrafted Sinks and Lavours, Tiles, Traverse and Telephone Poles, Panel Products, Podimas, Medallions and Tiles etc., and creative designs and handcrafted products, which have value of an artwork, are presented for customers. 

İDA-SER delivers its products to customers on the sales points in Izmir and Aegean Region by means of crane-mobile trucks for partial loading by breaking new ground. 

Beside this, we assist our customers in relation to assembly, maintenance and protection for the products which they have purchased by taking liability of after-sale services of the product which we have sold as a result of our ingenious, clean and meticulous works. 

Together with our perception of new generation marble, our aim is to combine many products used in daily life such as floor and wall covering, garden and landscape materials, sink and lavours made of any kind of materials and utilized in Turkey and in the world in our showroom and to create ternal world of options in which our customers can make their special and personal products as well as sales and usage of covering products consisting of classical marble and travertine.  

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