Carrying on business in mine sector since 1976, our company started this journey on Ege Kahve Ocağı operated by Founder and Deceased Ragıp Güngören. Developing according to the commercial conditions and market requirements in years, İdamar Marble has become one of the widest galleries consisting of marble, granite, quartz composed stone, porcelain ceramic and semi-precious stone stocks with range of local and foreign products more than 90 as the biggest one in Aegean Region by virtue of the contribution of Burak Güngören, taking over the company in the way of his father, and his partner Volkan Kahraman. 

We have converted our closed-area Stone + by Idamar showroom in Torbali together with 2 stores operating in Buca and Mugla into a place in which you can visit cheerly like an art gallery and you can inspect our collections of local and foreign marble, granite and semi-precious stones selected carefully while drinking your coffee in company with music by bringing a breath to consuetudinary marble gallery. We have been following the innovation in the sector by participating into the domestic and abroad fairs for years and making endavour to introduct this innovation to our domestic customers…

Therefore, our aim is to provide our customers with wide range of product in different tissue, color and surface features, to catch the world trends and present innovative and dynamic service deserved by you, valuable customers with our marble, quartzite, granite plates imported from Italy, India, Spain and China under Turkey distributorship for Italian Materia ceramic porcelain plates and Aegena Region distributorship for Coante quartz composed plates. 

We carry on business in the all country with our large sales team within the cooperations with valuable architects and construction projects in Turkey. At the same time, commencing with UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Bahrayn, Belgium, our exportation activities have been continuing by developing day by day with South Africa, England and Bulgaria. 

Marble has a unique beauty from the point of usage variety. It is an undated material which can by converted into forms to be used pleasurely in decorations, table presentations and coffee tables out of the common usage areas for years. We have been continuing to introduct our marble accessories under brand of HNZD Design domestic and abroad, mainly in the USA for our end users.  

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